I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Psalms 121: 1-2

“God is our help and our keeper, and put Fe Vision International and its Pastor, as weapons to fulfill this promise. In just three years, God opened many doors and opportunities for ministry to represent faithfully and achieve people with a vision of hope, love and restoration. Let us be vigilant to see how God will continue glorifying through this powerful ministry. “

Not just a church … but a ministry.

The International Faith Vision ministry was born in 2006 and is really testament to a “vision of faith.” After much prayer and different events that confirmed the call, God placed in the heart of Pastor Oscar LaSalle a vision to reach Latinos in the United States. This vision was not simply open a church, but; a ministry that reaches all the needs of the community.

Vision of Faith began as the name implies, “by faith,” without money or physical home, but with a place in the heart of God, who led the pastor to the Edwards Cinema West Covina. An unconventional place to conduct a Christian meeting. God showed that he had, and still has a special purpose for this ministry: breaking barriers and conventional molds of Hispanic churches in California. The ministry began with 200 people and grew to 450 in a single room movies. Such was the impact of this untraditional church that people came to know as “the church of cinema.”

After a year of struggle and hard work, many souls were won for the Lord, but he had greater challenges for this ministry as in 2007 begin his television program “Vision of Faith Pastor Oscar LaSalle” by the broadcaster Almavision . This new challenge would open the door to thousands of homes, not only in America but also in Latin America through its international reach. In short time, God showed that this program was not a vision of men, but of him to reach an afflicted and needy people through the program to receive the Word of the Lord.

The response from viewers was almost instantaneous, since from its first episode calls have continued to arrive; calls addict people, suicidal depressed and even prostitution, which felt the warm hands of God touching their hearts through the message of Dr. Oscar LaSalle. In celebrating the first year on the air in 2008, the television program brought together hundreds of people to celebrate its first anniversary in Los Angeles Convention Center. Event that served as a springboard for God to open doors in most television networks program and extend its reach.

Challenges and obstacles were overcome … God had more challenges for the ministry vision of faith in 2006, because after an intensive search for a better trained for the needs of the church building, God led Pastor steps and leading to a school, and with God’s grace, the ministry vision of faith could take possession of their promised land. In November 2007 a beautiful complex of buildings that serve as offices, sanctuary, classrooms for Christian education, and also to host conferences and special meetings that would attract many Christian leaders and famous singers was inaugurated. God provided this new home for the mission of the church continues to grow, because with their new home also born new ministries. Vision of Faith could begin its outreach to prisons with a group of evangelism and counseling that began carrying the message of hope to men and women in the United States and Mexico. He also start a food bank that along with providing food carries a message of hope. The vision of this ministry is to reach the Latin people of the United States through discipleship and evangelism of impact, and to reach the ministry fulfill this vision Vision Vision Faith Theological University inaugurated in 2006. Starting with 45 students this preparatory school leaders now accredited by FIET and Ahet, giving the possibility of granting a ministerial certificate based on 60 credits (academic units) of study. This school aims at training and developing leaders for ministry, providing an accessible training tool for Latinos in the United States.