vision de fe internacionalOscar LaSalle

Dr. Oscar LaSalle is the founding and lead pastor of Vision of Faith International in the City of Covina, California. He is also a renown conference speaker and teacher throughout Latin America. Further, he has had a long trajectory and experience with broadcast media. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Foursquare Bible Institute of Buenos Aires, a Master’s Degree in Evangelism and Doctorate in Ministry from FIET Theological Seminary.

Pastor LaSalle’s is driven by a call to reach the United States and the world with impactful evangelism and discipleship. He resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Adriana, and his three kids, Luciano, Gaston, and Fernando. Together they have nurtured a fruitful ministry the last 25 years.

vision de fe internacionalAdriana LaSalle

Adriana LaSalle was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While en route to becoming a doctor and studying medicine in the University of Buenos Aires, she received a calling to pastoral ministry. Moved by this calling, she ended up graduating from the Foursquare Bible Institute in Buenos Aires. Alongside her husband, Oscar, they founded the church, Catedral de Esperanza, in Buenos Aires. After serving as pastors there for a number of years, they established themselves in Covina, California where they founded Vision of Faith International, the church that they continue to pastor today.

She is a mother to three kids, a pastor and a conference speaker. She has ministered and participated in different television and radio programs in Argentina, Columbia, Panama and the United States. She is the president and founder of Mujeres con Vision, a ministry destined to reach and inspire women.

vision de fe internacionalBernardo Lassalle

Bernardo “Bernie” Lassalle has had the desire to impact the world with the gospel of Christ since he was a teen, innovatively and creatively communicating that message in a number of ways, including the radio, in his native country, Argentina. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Theological Seminary of the Foursquare Church.

Alongside his family, Bernie played an essential part in the journey of launching Vision of Faith with Pastors Oscar and Adriana. Throughout the years, he has been in leadership roles in the worship and youth ministries at our church. Currently, he serves as an Associate Pastor as well as our church’s Multimedia Ministry Director.

He has been married with his high school sweetheart, Karina Lassalle, since 1988. She, alongside Bernie, has served in our church in a number of ways. The two of them have three children (Matthew, Freddy and Nathalie) and two grandchildren (Maxton and Jaxton).