He had longed to be a pilot of airplanes, his dream was to fly. From childhood he began to build small wooden planes, replicas of which saw the skies and imagined driving.

Look, this is a Piper. It is a medium plane with up to four people and short fuselage – said enthusiastically.How would turn back time by, for having fulfilled my dream!

What stopped him? asked

When I was fifteen, we lost our field and I had to move with my family to the city. There I started working hard and little by little I started engaging with other things.

I never had someone who encouraged me – continued – or someone who guide me to fulfill my dream of flying …

In fact, I think my father never stopped to look at my wooden airplanes. Perhaps if I had been, things would be different today … Now I have sixty-five years and have done everything in life less fly.

Sometimes I think that if he had persevered, had he studied, he would have been a good driver. I feel like I have some unfinished business in my life.

I’ve always thought of this man and frustration he had in his soul if he had not given up. Today many people walk through life with <<if I had>> if there lips.

Life is the wood of dreams, but your hands carve the model. Live is a privilege, but also a responsibility.

Life is a gift from God, an immense gift that left many who go through his fingers because you have not found the meaning and surrender to mita way or before.

Others simply spend or survive, they have not understood the value of it. Yes, my dear friend, life is valued and those who are not willing to pay the price of living will never reach their dreams.

In view of faith, we are committed to help you find your way!

¡Find your Purpose!

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