vision de fe internacionalAna Rosa Covarrubias | Ministry Director

She grew up in a dysfunctional family. His parents were not present during his childhood. Her mother was abandoned by her father when she was just six years. Influenced by economic needs, his mother came to the United States.

She was raised by her grandmother. His childhood was greatly impact, however; he found Jesus.

That made the difference for Ana. In God, she found the unconditional love of a loving father.

It has been part of the community and family of Vision of Faith for several years.

Currently she serves as the director of the ministry “Visitation and Assimilation“. In addition, diligently it served as secretary of the church. It has a Bachelor of Education, and is the mother of two sons and a granddaughter.


Reach and disciple families for Christ.

What we do in this ministry?

Visited hospitals, nursing homes, sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying, and giving a word of hope to the needy.

Similarly telephoned serve people in need and pray for them.

This ministry is composed of a group of cute brother / as who have prepared their hearts and their time to the service of God.