vision de fe internacionalAdriana LaSalle | Ministry Director

She born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. I received the call to pastoral ministry graduating from the Faculty of Theology of the Foursquare Church. Oscar with her husband, founded the Cathedral Church of Hope in Buenos Aires. After several years established in the city of Covina, California; where they founded Faith Vision International, currently pastor church.

She is mother of three children, counselor and lecturer. He has ministered and participated in several radio and television programs in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Panama and the United States.

She is president and founder of Women of Vision, an outreach ministry and motivation for women.


The ministry exists to help women discover their purpose as leaders, professionals, wives and mothers.


We believe that God created the woman with one clear touch.
Develop women to discover their purpose is the main goal of our ministry.

“Happy women develop happy homes, enriching themselves and the world around them.”

When can we meet?

We have a special service on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm. We also have a system of mentoring and discipleship at the cellular level called “The Vineyard”.

What else we do in this ministry?

We retreats, conferences and get-togethers during the year, with speakers from First Christian and secular level.