I look up to the mountains— does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth! – Psalm 121:1-2

God is our refuge, keeper and protector. He placed Vision of Faith International and its pastor as a means to fulfill this promise. With only three years of life, God opened many doors and opportunities to enable this ministry to faithfully represent him and reach people with its vision of hope, love, and restoration. We are expectant to see how God will continue to glorify himself through this powerful ministry.

Not simply a church, but a ministry…


Vision of Faith International was birthed in 2006, and it truly is a testimony of a “vision of faith”. After much prayer and different events that confirmed this calling, God placed in Oscar Lassalle a vision to reach the multicultural groups in the United States. This vision was to not simply open a church but a ministry that comes to meet all the needs of the community.

Vision of Faith began, as its name indicates, with faith. The church began without money or a physical place to call home; however, it did have a place in the heart of God who led Pastor Oscar to the West Covina Edwards Theater. The theater was a rather non-conventional location to hold a church service. And it was through this that God revealed that he had and continues to have a special purpose for this ministry – to break the conventions and limitations of Hispanic-led churches. The ministry began with 200 people, and it came to congregate 450 people in a simple theater auditorium. Thus, this was the impact of this non-conventional church that people came to know as the “church in the theater”.


After a year of hard work and big trials, many souls were saved; however, God had greater things in store for this ministry, noting that in 2007 it began its television program “Vision of Faith with Pastor Oscar Lassalle” through the Spanish-speaking television network Almavision. This outlet opened up the doors for thousands of homes, not only in the United States but also in Latin America. In a short span of time, God showed that this television program was not the vision of a man, but it was something birthed in the heart of God to reach God’s word through television. Upon it conception, the response of television viewers was instantaneous. Since its first episode, the church received a substantial amount of calls from people in prostitution, drug addiction and even on the verge of suicide who had felt God touching their lives during Dr. Oscar LaSalle’s message. In order to celebrate its one year anniversary on air, the ministry held a celebration at the Los Angeles Convention Center that drew hundreds of people. This event served as a trampoline that God used to open up more doors on more television network. Hence, the television was able to expand its audience.


But God has more in store for Vision of Faith on different fronts. In 2006, after a long search for a location with more seating capacity, God led our pastor and leaders to a school and, with the grace of God, the church was able to find a home at the school. The school was remodeled to fit the needs of the church, and in November of 2007, an inauguration of the church facility took place. The new facility, with its sanctuary, multiple rooms and wide space, came to be a place where the church would be able to continue on its mission and where new ministries would be born. The church was able to began a prison ministry of evangelism that reaches people both in the United States and Mexico. The church also launched a food bank during the economic crisis in 2008.

The church’s vision is to reach the world through discipleship and evangelism. And in order to pursue this vision, the church inaugurated Vision of Faith University in 2006.

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