I received the call of the Lord at the age of 19. Although I was very young, I was passionate about winning the world for Jesus. It was exciting to think God could use me as a tool in his hands. So, together with my wife Adriana, we decided to get equipped to serve in ministry. I was unsure if my calling was specifically to serve in pastoral ministry, the only thing that I knew for sure was that I had heard the voice of God. In the depth of my heart, I heard him tell me: “Come and follow me”.
While we were still in our third year in seminary (we needed one more year to graduate), we began to lead a cell group with only six people. Within a year, that group grew to 30 people and we decided, under the supervision of our pastors, to begin holding a service in a location near one of the main avenues in one of the suburbs of Buenos Aires in our native Argentina. God blessed us there. Within five years, we become one of the premier churches in the area and grew to 200 members. We were making plans to extend ourselves to other cities, when, all of a sudden during a mission’s conference, I got a confirmation of something that had been placing on my heart for two years! Our ministry would not only be for our country, God was calling us to the nations. I received a prophetic word during this time where God told me that, in exactly one year, he would open doors and I would be sent out to the nations. I remember the many things I told and asked God at the moment, “God, I don’t have any contacts, how am I going to minister outside of my country? How are you going to do this God? And the money?” I was perplexed, but I held on to God’s promise. And as a result, I felt a great peace in my heart. I knew that God was up to something.

Within a year, God’s word was fulfilled. The opportunity of moving to the United States came, as I met several requirements needed to become the Director of the Hispanic Ministry of an Assemblies of God church in Covina, California. We felt God’s hand and direction in every step, as we took the challenge of ministering within the multicultural context of Los Angeles. God astounded us. We grew from an average of 40 people to approximately 450 people after four years of hard work. All the glory goes to God.

At the end of 2005, God spoke to me once again, giving me a clear view for the Latino people here in the United States. He made me see the different needs of the Latino family, and then, something new was born in my heart – “Vision of Faith International “. I resigned from my position as pastor of the Hispanic Ministry (with ministerial and economic benefits it entailed) to follow a God’s dream. The wonderful thing is that this dream became a reality. It is beautiful when we can sacrifice the comforts on “the altar of the dreams of God”, in order to live with faith. Faith is the necessary fuel, that enables a vision to come to fruition. As I honored God’s vision, God honored my faith. (Hence, the name of our church.)
In May 2006, we started our services in cinema Edwards West Covina, renting an auditorium with capacity for 250 people. A month later we had to rent two more room in the cinema for our children’s ministry and care. Being at full capacity a year later, we ended up having to rent a new room( with capacity for 350 people) plus two additional more rooms for kids and teens.

In 2007, we started our TV program “Vision of Faith with Pastor Oscar LaSalle” by the Christian television network, Almavision, gathering a large audience. In October of the same year, the Lord provided us with a building, previously used as Christian school. We adapted the facility, in order to conduct our church’s services and activities. In 2008, we celebrated our first year on television with a crusade at the Convention Center in Los Angeles. Hundreds of people attended the celebration, filling the auditorium to its full capacity.

At present about 600 people regularly attend our services including: our Sunday bilingual service (9am) and Spanish service (11:30am).

Today, Vision of Faith continues to expand by adding Vision University for theological, psychological and leadership training, opening various projects abroad.